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Emerald Cut Long Drop Earrings- Alice

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Emerald-Cut Long Drop Cubic Zirconia Earrings for Weddings, Formal, Prom

Here is a super sparkly long drop earrings with an emerald-cut drop to match your emerald-cut engagement or wedding rings. The earrings are great for brides and women for weddings, formal, prom, and special occasions.

These rectangle dangling drop earrings are gorgeous and highly reflective, the earrings are made of cubic zirconia with an emerald cut. These long earrings feature an array of cubic zirconia from the ear small top in silver-tone which make these earrings slim long and beautiful design to add to your wedding and formal ensemble.

These silver drop earrings are rhodium plated and tarnish resistant you can use it for your special day and long after for a gorgeous look. The CZ and silver drop earrings are comfortable for day-long wear.

Definitely, a great option, if you are looking for an emerald cut, diamond-like highly reflective cubic zirconia earrings for your special day.

Measurement:- 2 3/8 inches or 6 cms