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Long Black Drop Earrings- Zoe

Silver and Black Long Earrings Made of Cubic Zirconia

These Zoe long black drop earrings are for weddings, Prom, events, reception, and special occasion wear. Elegant earrings are made with perfectly round clear cubic zirconia drops and ear tops with a jet black teardrop crystal to dangle. The material used on these silver long earrings is rhodium plating on brass. With these long earrings, you have a choice of rose gold and gold tones to suit your style. While these earrings are a definite match with your long black dress and a great pair of earrings for brides and bridesmaids, who want to add some a touch of black color. If you need a black simple necklace we can offer a black pendant necklace to match with beautiful long black teardrop earrings. 

Measurements:- Length of Earring from top of Earring is approx 1 6/8 inches or 4.5 cms