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Small Bridal Hair Comb for Veil-Casey

Small Hair Comb For Brides with Square, Rhombus, Teardrop Crystals

This small bridal hair comb for the veil is great for brides who are looking for features of square/ rhombus, teardrop shapes in their hairpiece. It is super sparkly and has a swirly design that would match the bridal dress design.

This veil bridal hair comb is sparkly and is made of high-quality cubic zirconia and to match the other wedding accessories like an engagement ring, bridal jewelry, wedding dress, and ensembles for the wedding day.

The hair comb is also available with an option to add pearls in the colors of cream or white and is available in silver, gold, and rose gold tones.

Explore bridal jewelry in square and rhombus shapes, Search for "Celia" on the search bar.

Measurement:- Size - 2 5/8 inch wide or 6.7 cms and height is approx. 1 inch or 2.5 cm at the widest.