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Wedding Day Crystal Bracelet in Rose Gold for Brides-Emma

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Bracelet Made with Cubic Zirconia & Rose Gold Plating

Wedding Day Bracelet to Add a Dash of Pink or Blush

Rose gold jewelry is getting more popular as brides, either wanting to add some color or match their jewelry with blush/pink undertone wedding dresses.

We have created a wide range of rose gold jewelry in modern and classic designs, like this wedding day crystal bracelet in rose gold made for the bride. A slight touch of rose gold all around the CZ crystals make this bracelet sparkly and add the pink color to coordinate. 

This bracelet design is easily combined and matched with many teardrop shapes earrings, necklaces, jewelry and match with many bridal and wedding dresses in pink or blush undertones.

The rose gold and CZ bracelet wrap fully around your wrist with are alternated with small round stones and pear-shaped crystals. The bracelet is closed off with a firm fitting rose gold-plated clasp. The rose gold plating long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and more tarnish-resistant. This lovely bracelet can also be purchased in 14K gold and silver finishes. A versatile bracelet that you can use long after the wedding on every special occasion with any of your outfits.

Measurement:- Length of the bracelet is 6.75 inches with a 3 cm extension chain