Coleção: Necklace & Backdrops

Beautiful Necklaces and Backdrop Necklaces for Brides & Weddings 

Whether it is a minimalist or eye-catching look you strive for, we can offer you just that with our range of necklaces and backdrop Necklaces. 

With backless and lower back wedding dresses becoming increasing popular, we work to achieve the perfect necklaces to accent your dress beautifully. We offer various lengths and finishes such as gold, rose gold and silver. As well as pearl finishes, cream and white, and cubic zirconia crystals. 

As we are working to achieve your preferred look, you can also opt to buy just the necklace without the backdrop if that is what you prefer! Whatever you select, our beautiful necklace and backdrops will give you a myriad of bridal and formal looks to form the perfect ensemble.