Shipping policy

Poetry Designs

Affordable Shipping with Tracking

We ship worldwide; all orders are processed and sent out in 1 to 3 working days. Some designs depending on the complexity of the jewelry and the busy time of the year, take slightly longer to make; we will keep you informed if the order takes longer than 1-3 business days to process in advance.

Shipping Options

We offer three shipping options to choose from; depending on the time and cost, please choose the right shipping option that is best suited to your needs. See below to choose your preferred shipping option.

Delivery Speed- Fast

Shipping Option 1.- Fast Shipping- 3 to 7 business days

DHL Express Shipping- Delivery time- 3 to 7 Business Days-

  • This is the Fastest, Day Definite Delivery, Recommended for quick delivery.
  • Cannot deliver to PO Box Address
  • Flat Shipping Rate
  • Regular Updates at every stage of the shipments.
  • 99% On time and satisfactory day-definite service
  • Customer service- Contact Poetry Designs or DHL Express.

Delivery Speed- Medium

Shipping Option 2.- 10 to 18 business days

  • Priority shipping- Delivery time 10 to 18 business days.
    • Can Deliver to both PO Box and Street address.
    • Flat Shipping Rate.
    • Cost-effective
    • Trackable- Limited updates, unlike Express
    • Customer service- Poetry Designs or Local Postal Service

Delivery Speed- Slow

Shipping Option 3 - Non-Urgent- 12 to 18 Business days

  • Choose Only if you have the time- Deliver time 12 to 18 business days.
    • Can Deliver to both PO Box and Street address.
    • Flat Shipping Rate.
    • Very Cost effective
    • Trackable- Limited updates unlike.
    • Customer service- Poetry Designs or Local Postal Service

The shipment is sent through the Postal Network are a cost-effective option if you have enough time to receive the shipments. The expedited/ priority transit time is 10 to 18 days depending on your location, and the Standard is 2 to 4 weeks.

How Do I Track My Order?

DHL- Trackable on DHL Website – Express Service only

Post Express and Standard- The shipments are trackable on the Australia Post website and your country post service website like USPS, Canada Post, NZ post… etc., once the shipment has arrived in your country and more accurate last mile information. Customer service- Contact Poetry Designs or the local postal service with the tracking number.


Please note all items entering your country are subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that Country's national and state laws. You, as a buyer, are responsible for all duties, taxes and incidental charges incurred. All items are sent with invoices.

Update for Specific Countries

  •  New Zealand- All shipments are sent by standard delivery (10 to 15 business days with tracking). If you need your jewellery urgently ( 3-5 business days), kindly contact us, and we will provide express shipping rates and information.
  • UK and European Customers: - We ship to the United Kingdom ( UK) and European countries; your countries are not visible for shipping. Kindly Contact us with the links to products you like, and we will assist you with the purchase process. Please message us on our contact us page or
  • Canada- All shipments entering Canada over $20 will be subject to duties, taxes, and handling fees by the courier and Canada post.
    • Canada post- Handling fee CAD $9.95
    • DHL- Handling fee of approximately CAD $17.50